A wall so tall

A wall so tall, over many I crawl, but this one seems final. With face against I stand, while sinking deeper in sand. I feel canned, by life I’m banned, at this crash land, nothing more at hand. This wall, it’s screaming. My life by dark skies redeeming, nothing more happens, but dreaming. It all... Continue Reading →

A good mother

Lately, I have seen too many bad mothers online. Well, I find them bad mothers. Single mothers who brag about how great it is to be a single mom, only to go on about the positive aspects concerning herself, instead of the child’s best interests. Mothers (and fathers) who use their kids in protests and... Continue Reading →

A chicken’s love

How dare you love yourself through me The chicken that only herself she’ll see The feelings myself betray, upon yourself you lay Feelings of love from you I so long for, but only yourself, you will adore Whatever I do, you say you do better Comparing has always been your mood setter Is this the... Continue Reading →

The lighthouse

Oh, hard to see it must be, to live in the tower that is me. To stay stuck, lonely, not moving on, this way of being, never will it be gone. To most, it’s only an imagination, only some theoretical information. For yourself must have been, to know what’s this tower within. Not just any... Continue Reading →

Embarrassing story: I once protested and didn’t know what for [My take on the US protests since Trump’s presidency]

With all these protests happening these days in the US, certainly now Trump has been elected, I often find myself thinking: “What the hell are these people even on about?” You see all these confusing signs they’re holding up: Some for feminism and so called equality, some for Black Lives Matters, others against Trump, women dressed... Continue Reading →

I am…

A poem of mine, needing more than only carefully chosen, written words. A story about myself and for all the people living the story of Hans my Hedgehog.

Love, how absurd

My love for you, feels so neat, but oh, how it is bittersweet. For I can’t touch, nor feel, only long, and somehow, it feels so wrong. I can imagine only, it makes me feel so lonely. To love who no longer is, long ago left, into the abyss. My thoughts of you, almost alcoholic,... Continue Reading →

About abortion…

Abortion, a subject highly discussed at the moment. Feminists and SJW have made it one of their major points during the presidential elections in the USA last year and as I see it, it’s a subject that will always be brought up at some point. There are basically two camps you can distinguish very clearly:... Continue Reading →

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